Need some inspiration for a fossil project

No, it’s not for me the fossil, nip the smart asses in the bud!!

I’ve been requested to make some sort of display stand for a couple of trilobites.

See the tape measure at the bottom to get an idea of the size. I’m wondering, two separate stands or a single for both? Orientation? Shadow box?

Would really appreciate any suggestions. This is a bit outside the box for me.

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Shadow box hanging on the wall with them as photographed sounds good to me — is the back of the rocks interesting in any way?


Thanks Will. Something to consider. And, no, back not interesting at all.

best suggestion would be to have a look at where they are going for some inspiration there. second thought would be separate shadow boxes mounting them slightly diagonally in respect to the the framing of their boxes. you could float them from the back of the box on dowel rods with industrial strength adhesive. failing that an acrylic ledge top and bottom to hold them in place. maybe have a look at how the Smithsonian does it?


Hmmm, like the floating idea.

Hadn’t thought to check out how a museum might do it, great tip.

Where are they going @Griff?
The teacher in me says let people touch them.


Where they’re going to be displayed will make difference. Will they be on a wall, a shelf or table or … ? It would nice if they could be touched if wherever they’ll be displayed would allow that.


I don’t know the environment in which they lived, but a diorama showing that would be another option.

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All good ideas, thanks.

Will be displayed on a dark hardwood table, probably surrounded with various collector quality sea shells of various sizes.

Given the weight of each piece and considering the added weight of the stand/case I’m leaning toward separate displays maybe at an angle to one another?

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My inclination then would be a pair of shadow boxes w/ complementary angles so that one will stack on the other to make a box shape — maybe work out a way to display some second thing, or engrave a text on the history of the pieces in question into the back for the display?

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Stacked…that may be cool. I’m going to start working up a few designs in Fusion.

Please all continue with any suggestions.

I cobbled together a quick version of
to display a sign I made and I came up with
I ended up not needing in so I never fine tuned it, but it worked.

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I made this display for a nearby university. It’s probably different than what you’re looking to do, but posting in the event might spark an idea.


Is there a need for side lighting to accentuate interesting aspects of the fossil? Also, the idea of nexring the fossils into cast acrylic to “float them” would be another concept to consider. But it might get a bit heavy?


Nice idea on the side lighting, it definitely would help bring out some details. Battery/led setup I’d guess. Maybe inset into the frame to hide it.
Cast acrylic I think would add too much weight.

Appreciate the ideas, thanks. Project is still near future, not started yet.

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