Need to make Table Tent Numbers

Anyone done any engraving with a 2 color plastic?

I need method and sources to make such an item. In past years I have ordered table tent numbers but the top layer color scratches easily. Now with my trusty Shapeoko and your help, I can make my own set of table tent numbers.

I would glue two pieces (1/16" x 8" x 3") of contrasting opaque acrylic together, carve out the number through to the next color at both ends. Then flip it over so number are facing down, notch a “v” in the very center, essentially dividing the 8 x 3 into to 4 x 3. Only notch 3/4 of the way through, not all the way. Flip it over and using a heat gun, heat the opposite side of your “v channel” until the plastic folds down and closes the “v”.

I apologize if this sounds like a bunch of gibberish. I wish i had some pics.✓&selected_filters[Effect][]=2+color

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Thanks I got the idea.

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Thanks for the source.

@GIban671 I posted that two-color acrylic hastily before I really read your post carefully. That two-color acrylic is generally not the most durable (the top layer is really thin). Depending on the final application, two-color hdpe might be a better choice.
Both are easy to engrave.✓&selected_filters[Type][]=Two-color+engravable

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I posted a question on their site and you are most correct, the top layer is 0.0005" thick. Way too thin for my liking.

Hey Girard,
The second link I posted (the one you just quoted) was for HDPE. You won’t damage that stuff.

Two color modified acrylics used for most indoor signs that you see are two layer with top cap that is usually a thousandth or two thick. Laser grade or rotary engravable. The brands are rowmark, and Gemini. Durable as any plain acrylic. vbit or diamond drag should work

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