Need to update/reinstall OS and software for shapeoko

we have a local makerspace where a shapeoko unit that has been collecting dust

tried to start the computer up in order to update the software and it appears to not be working anymore. get a linux GUI with only two icons, no taskbar, no start menu equivalent

so I’d like to do a complete reinstall

I’ve been told that it used mach3 and grbl, and that we do have a liscence, but no more details other than that

where do I start? I assume I need to identify the PC specs. maybe upgrade the PC (10+ years old), install the latest linux variant and…drivers? mach 3 software? grbl?

we do have two other CNC machines using linux CNC that I recently upgraded (SSDs with current linux)

Not sure linux and mach3 work. Others will answer that. Try a pc with windows 10 and usb. If firmware is below 1.1f you need to get older version of carbide motion. They have a utility to update fw to 1.1f for win and mac. After fw is up to date newer cm will work.

When fw is up to date connect but do not initalize. Connect and go to settings and on first tab set machine and z. Z will be belt or z-plus likely. During initalization z will go up. If it goes down then wrong z has been selected. Go to second tab and uncheck BitSetter and automatic spindle control. You will set BitSetter after you get initalized if you have one. Go back to first tab and send config.

It’s possible this is a kickstarter era Shapeoko too, which is quite a different beast altogether from what I understand.

@tater1337 - is there any branding or model number on the machine?

Is this a Shapeoko 1, 2, or 3?

What sort of controller is attached? Could you post a photo of it and the unit?

Please note that while there was a Linux version of Carbide Motion ages ago, it is quite old, and not currently supported.

The most likely thing is a Shapeoko 2 which has an Arduino and GShield which run Grbl and which was controlled using Universal G-Code Sender — how is the machine connected to the computer? USB or Parallel Port?

pretty sure it is arduino run
also pretty sure it is USB based
also one other member with more than my zero knowledge is the one that said mach 3 and grbl
I believe the PC had debian, and I think I want to have it be ubuntu, as the other linux machines are ubuntu (to keep consistency)

will post pics when I go to the makerspace next time(up to a week from now)

any advice as to what to get closeup pics of to help identify

We have the old documentation for the Shapeoko 2 up at:

which includes some photos which may help — if the machine is even smaller than that, it’s an SO1.

If it doesn’t match those, check against:

ok, yes, it looks like our shapoko is the one listed for the kickstarter

one of the other members of the makerspace said Mach3, which I doubt since the OPC was running linux and mach3 is windows only

tempted to convert it over to open source linux CNC since we already have two other machines running it

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