Needed 1/8 endmill 1" long flutes?

(Terry Morris Carlsbad, CA) #1

So I am searching for 1/8" endmill for my Nomad but I need 1" long flutes and it’s to be used for hardwood. Anybody have any recommendations?

I am still learning and don’t know the difference in an endmill for wood, plastic or metal.


(William Adams (Carbide 3D)) #2

There are some long 1/8" diameter endmills with 1" of flute length listed at:

Please note that there is a maximum length for endmill stickout in the Nomad — not sure if these would exceed that or no.


(Josh) #3

Not a 1 inch long flute, but I’ve used these on deeper cuts (about 20-28mm deep) with no issues:

I usually adaptive clear in Fusion instead of using carbide create. Not sure it makes a large difference, but I don’t think I’ve run into issues previously.

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(Mad Hatter) #4

Here are some 1" long 3 fluted end mills.

Here are some 1.125" long 2 fluted end mills.

Here are some 1.5" long 3 fluted end mills.

Here are some 1.125" long 2 fluted BALL and mills.


(Michael) #5

They have a very extended catalog of end mills. The page posted is all the 2 flute uncoated extra long flute. from 1/8th to 1"

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