Needing a manufacture

Wanna make some money with your shapeoko? I’m looking for a US manufacture to the propellers that I make. I can’t keep up with demand. $100 per finished product door to door. I have all the gcode ready to go and only requires 2x6" for wood. Each complete prop consist of 6 independent blades and a bullet nose.

Let me know if you are interested and I can give you more details. Requires an XL or XXL.

Will require 1099 information for taxes as an independent contractor.


Are you asking for 1099 from people to make these? They ten recipe $100 for each one shipped door to door?

A 1099 is the tax form.

I would be interested but just got my machine and still learning how to use it.


Sounds like a lot of work on a SO3 for $100. I would look for someone that has a full size 4x8+ machine that can cut 10+ per run.

Know anyone in mind?

send me the file and i will ask him

you got some better technical specs on the parts? I have a friend who is an injection molder, it’s an expensive startup process, but could literally produce these by the millions per week.

We looking into injection molding but really want the look and feel of the wood


Fair enough, mind if I ask what these things are actually for? I can’t tell if it’s intended to push air, or be pushed by air (latter makes more sense). I can’t tell much about how the wood grain is on these, since it’s painted.

It’s strictly just wall art. Nothing structural.

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I checked your other posts, gorgeous work. Sure beats cutting props out with a draw knife.

One of my hobbies is building off-grid emergency backup power systems, One of the projects I worked on a number of years ago was a small windmill, it had a swept area of about 3’, I tried a few different systems to use as generators, and ended up using BLDCs and some control electronics to control voltage etc.

It was a fun project, I’d like to return to it some day. Seeing your blades got me thinking.


email Alan @ and see if he wants to take that on.

I’m interested, I can help. I live in Puerto Rico (US territory), so I got a Shapeoko XXL it’s possible to make more than one at the same time.

If interested:


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