Nema 23 engines

where I can find the same nema 23 engines as the ones from carbide 3d? I need 4 of them to complete a standard shapeoko.
thank you vivien

Sparkfun has them, but they don’t have the same wiring connectors:

For the connectors see:

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thank you @WillAdams

hello, by chance, someone would have 4 nema 23 engines from carbide 3d to resell… someone who would have modified his shapeoko…
otherwise I would be obliged to order on the site that @WillAdams gave me.

I do have all 4 C3D stepper motors that I could be willing to sell, if you wanted to DM me. Note: I’m in the US.

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hello, ok yes I’m interested, how many do you want? and I’m in France, so there’s the extra shipping…

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