Nema motor do not move

Hi every body.
Today, during a homing switch, everything stop. After try to restart carbide motion I try again and try to turn of the shapeoko 's power. No response of the x nema motor. And no resistance when I try to move it manually instead of staying blocked like all the other nema motor … help!!!

Contact — it’s either a broken wire or a totally blown stepper driver, or, just to cover all the bases, a bad motor — you can swap cables around to test incrementally.

Hello william and thanks. I just try to swap the wire and the trouble don’t come from the motor himself but by the motherboard… or limit switch could make an influence to this? Can we reflash the mother board?

If you’ve swapped parts around to verify it’s the board, let know what you did.

A bad limit switch will alarm continuously, intermittently, or not at all.

Yes, you can reflash, but that’s not likely to affect this: GRBL 1.1 and Carbide Motion 4