New and Improved "MZD" Suckit Dust Boot

I received the latest and greatest upgrade kit to the already awesome Suckit Dust Boot for the Shapeoko 3 from Mark and Jenn last Friday. I installed it this past weekend and I must say the design went from home run to grand slam.

This new improved design is touted as the “MZD” version (Maximum Zero Depth), however more importantly in my book is regaining my full X travel (which I needed when cutting my scaled IKEA Grow Room) and a super-simplified and much improved carriage mounting (on the Z-limit bracket).

I’m not 100% sure my upgrade netted more Z-depth than I already had, but that’s not been an issue or concern for me. I’d call this new version the “MXT” model (Max X Travel), as that was the only critique I had of the original design.

Here’s a pic of this latest iteration:

I can’t say enough good things about the product or the people…


In one way I’m annoyed that this came out weeks after I got my original design, but I’m ordering it so, kudos suckit. Well played.

Im pretty sure there is an upgrade kit you can get dan.

Yeah there is, worked out to $60 with shipping but I want the full X travel so c’est la vie

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I just received my upgrade and It is absolutely fantastic. Far far superior design, very solid and larger height adjustment knobs which are very much appreciated.
I must admit I was not over excited about the 1st version of the SO3 suckit but this upgrade blows it out of the park. Nice work suckit team. Thank you for the great service and support.

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Can someone post the contact info for the makers? I’m interested in getting one. Thanks!

I just broke a vertical on my original suckit - they didn’t even mention a new model when I contacted them to get a replacement part a couple weeks ago…

@Gregrgs -
@mikep - Unsure when this was released, but if not shipped I’d upgrade

My parts came in a couple days ago…old style…

that’s a drag if you’re really wanting that xtra-x travel…

I have to say… I just got my new style suck it dust boot in and I am extremely happy. I really liked my original version dust boot, but i always found that the little ‘plugs’ on the back felt weak. I was always a little worried about breaking them. The new version comes with nice big strong ones so that problem is completely gone. And all X travel back. Awesome!

It took me 5min to unpack and install. Super easy.

All in all, i’m very happy with this product. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to get a dust boot. Their customer service is excellent, and the product is very well designed.


Agree wholeheartedly @raynelang… my major critique of the 1st phase was loss of X-travel, and my minor critique were the attachment bushings. Like you, I felt it was weak, but OK.

Two-fers fer-shure on Generation 2!

Raynelange the little bits that slide up and down and the front arms thread into? Yeah one of mine broke but it still works, next time I take it off I need to either CA glue it together or I may try 3d printing it or resin casting it (should probably do the later since it broke once) but I wasn’t sure what if anything would be in the upgrade kit so I’ll wait on that.

Correct. I wasn’t sure what to call them. They are much stronger in the new design. What I like most is the entire piece now goes into the groove on the back, so when you tighten the arms it can’t twist anymore and the force is on the entire part, not just the two little tabs. The bolt they use was also upsized.

-black is the new one

Ah very nice, I honestly ordered without even looking at the differences :slight_smile: Now I’m even more excited, been doing dust free V-carving work and it’s been very nice.

I put mine on last week and really like it compared to the original version also. I did a quick video of it also


Interesting video Kirby, thanks.

The little knobs on the original Suckit I find difficult and these on this version don’t look a lot better. I wonder if some kind of allen keyed screw might not be a better answer.

In my workflow experience with the Suckit @patonclover, I never experienced any difficulty with the original knobs, nor do I find any difficulty with the new, larger knobs. I believe the knobs are a virtue as they’re one less thing requiring a tool when running a job.

As you cite @keebie81, one must pay attention to the router power cabling and the right side arm position, but as I have gained workflow experience using the MZD version, knowing when in your workflow to position the dust boot mitigates this potential interference.