New carbide motion spindle on start point

Is anyone having problems with New Carbide having to turn on spindle in home postion rather than over project start point. This is driving me nuts. I reset to XXL but it is having me turn spindle on in home postion rather than over start point. Scary because there is lots of distance from back right to front Left where I like to do a lot of my work.

Jennifer Turton

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Yes start spindle point chained to front ! So it’s ok and I feel It’s more easy reaching point

Hello Omar, thanks so much for your reply. I’m a bit confused on how to resolve the issue and how you with chain spindle point to the front. I just updated on Sunday and was so used to having the machine run over my work project and then turn it on. Is this a new update design flaw El or am I doing something wrong. I can’t be the only one that has disappointment in this new update.

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I’m confused by what your saying. Are you saying after you setup the job the spindle goes to home? Back right corner?

I am using the latest version and turn on machine, initialize, machine goes home. Set zero clear offset. Bring spindle to front, change bit. Bit zero on left corner of work piece, load job, hit start, message insert bit, message turn on spindle, turn on spindle hit start and away you go.

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I am here working and I cannot get it to do that is anybody doing multiple pieces.? Just cut through one of my clamps as it traveled to cut position because I had to turn the freaking thing on while it is traveling to cut position.

Check under the settings tab to see if you have the option for “has auto spindle/router control” selected. Sounds like that option is turned on and shouldn’t be.


Did you ever get this to work for you?

Thanks I will look at that when I get to my shop and update you

Hi Mike no I did not get it to work tried everything yesterday took a video but for some reason cannot send. Going crazy

Hi Mike I uploaded the new carbide motion still not working. Having to turn spindle on when it sets in the back not overworked area

I will post a video of how I run a job. Maybe you are just skipping a step and that’s the issue.

You asked if anyone was running multiples of a job, I ran multiple lap joints the other day on 12 pieces for legs for a project. I used the Shapeoko just because it was there.

So look for the video in about an 1.5 hrs. It’s 4 pm on the East Cost/

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As posted here is the video. Excuse my video making I was doing it one handed.

Hope this helps.

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Michael - curious to why you zero and clear all offsets prior to rapid moving to center then zero’ing with the touch plate?

When you turn on the machine and initialize the settings are still in memory for lack of a better word. According to the instructions you zero the machine after it homes. The clear zero gives the true home, in my case -3. When you move to the work piece and set zero you are saying that I am starting my work here. Now in the case of what I showed I can just swap my parts out and do multiples.

In the case of the those pieces I was making a lap joint so I had a stop and lined up to a pencil mark. 8 pieces in groups of two.

Hope that makes sense.

The only time I’ve found it necessary to “clear all offsets” is when I disable my installed Bitsetter, so I can use my 1" end mill to level a surface (since the actuator on top of the Bitsetter is too small in diameter to be useful.) The Bitsetter stores an offset that makes a difference when you disable it.


Since I endeavor to have a firm grasp on concepts, which is a favorable way of saying, I have a thick skull, you zero and reset your offset right after homing before surfacing to get that much closer to the actual travel limits because your spoil board is the maximum size?

In MrGNY’s case, he’d be able to surface 3mm more in X and Y, am I understanding correctly?

I apologize for the digression @woodseawoman, you could try a different host for your video: YouTube, Dropbox, or google drive and share a link?

I use the BitSetter so my router tends to be front and center prior to starting a job using my work flow, if you’d prefer, could you detail your workflow? It sounds like you’re doing a repeat job, leaving the origin point unchanged, and tool unchanged so you’re ready to start right after initialization and thus at offset home position NE corner?

This is the document I have been using.

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