New curve tool in create

I would like to see a new curve tool option. One where I would click the start point, click the end point, and then be able to drag my cursor up or down and side to side to create different curves. Can’t recall the programs I’ve used it in before but I liked it much better.

I can never seem to get a curve the way I want by clicking in multiple spots along the curve.

You should be able to draw anything you wish with the curve tool, with a bit of editing (but I will admit that asymmetric smooth nodes are a pain — I usually enable a very fine grid when doing that).

Please see:

if you want to post a pixel image of something you’re having difficulty drawing, we’d be glad to go over it w/ you.

Thanks for the tutorial, I do find that helpful. I don’t have any images that I need assistance with currently, I was doing a project a few weeks ago that got me thinking about the curve tool.

I wanted to use it at the time for border designs. I wanted to take my square wood piece and wanted to create a curved top for the sign I was creating. Just create a simple contour path to make the curve.

I figured if I made the stock my square size then clicked at the top left, then top right I could then move the cursor up say 3 inches and do a final click and it would create the curve. If I didn’t like the height I could delete it and redo the same going say 2 inches next time.

I’ll mess around with editing the node angles more when I get home and see if that does what I was thinking.

Well after some messing around with the nodes I figured out my request by accident, and also learned I do not need to click many times trying to create a simple curve.

So I created a curve with 3 points that looked like this. 12" width and 2" height.

Then I used the edit nodes tool, right clicked on the top node at the point, and selected toggle smooth or (S).

I clicked on the adjustment bar and dragged it horizontally which makes it longer and the curve started to come into form.

I can now adjust the center point for height and also the length of the adjustment bar to change shape and size of the curve. It only took me 3 years to figure that out. Figured I would include snips in case someone else comes across this but my request has been satisfied.


For a tutorial similar to that see:

which is re-created/referenced at:

the balance of which you may find of interest.

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