New design - how would you take this in carbide create?


Just about finished setting up my machine and getting to grips with everything.

How would you take this design in carbide create ?


Specifically the vane which is aprox 90cm radius.
When I do circles I get error messages on carbide create to say they are bigger than my work area.

I only need 1/4 of the circle but cant place it in design correctly due to above problem and cant see a way to just have 1/4 of the arc.


Carbide Create allows one to make geometry of an arbitrary size:

It’s only the stock area which is limited.

Draw up the full size circle, use Boolean operations to reduce it to the size of the part, then place it in the stock area.

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ok, thanks Will.

I think I am getting there.

Choosing the right sequence of object for boolean is interesting :slight_smile:

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