New Dust Shoe Shapeoko 3

I just created a dust shoe with 3/8" polycarbonate, about a 7inx7in piece, bristles from Amazon, and a 3D printed piece to connect the vacuum hose. Thought I would share it.


Nice ! Different styles of brush strips are available from McMaster Carr.

Nice part is new desing!.

Nice. What is your method for changing end mills? Remove the screws on the bottom? Maybe replace the screws with slots and magnets similar to the Suckit Dust Boot?

Well, I can loosen the screws on the router mount and slide it up, but I did have a plan for magnets, I just haven’t ordered the magnets, yet. I was hoping to get some time to find a way to design one like the suck it, but didn’t reach around and shrink your x axis movement.

The brush strips from mcmaster seemed to be more expensive than the 10 dollars that I spent on amazon prime, and can get two out of it. It is 1 meter for 10 dollars.

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Make the screw holes at the bottom, slots, and change-out the screws to thumbscrews.

That way you can loosen four thumbscrews and remove it.

Magnets are alright but the thumbscrews will be more secure and almost as fast to remove/replace.

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Yeah, I didn’t have thumbscrews at the time. Oh, I see what you mean by the slots, so you wouldn’t have to take the thumbscrews all the way out, and just clamp it on. I like it.