New feature/capability?

Searched to see if we had an active topic on “features”, and didn’t see one so here goes.
I love the “notes” capabilty. It is really nice for going back to a program later and “remembering” what you set up.

However, in the “Model” area, I know we can go back and see all the settings after we close out the specific cut, but if we could get notes on the section of the program it might help to keep track of what one sets up. Also, it would be even better if we could take a screen shot of the settings and paste them into the notes section.
Just my $2.00 (inflation is taking its toll!)


Hi @Frank246,

Just so you know I edited the post such that it appears in the “Feature Request” category

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Thanks I guess. No idea where that category is shown.
Thanks though.

As a workaround, for now, Name your components

It would also be really cool if the components highlighted so you can remember which part it is.


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