New file sharing group started up

Thought you guys would like this,He shares alot of 3d files,If you dont see what your looking for just post what you want and he will work his magic,


Cool. Any other link into files? Don’t do FB.

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there isnt for that group but this other group i follow has a website …no 3d stuff tho.If theres somthing 3d you arer looking for let me know i can pass the file along to you

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

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A few other sites list here:

Are the images posted free for commercial use? I would be concerned, as one item on is too exact of a match to Jeff Bartels’ Yin Yang tree to not be copied:

CNC Filesharing Yin Yang Tree
Jeff Bartels Tree of Life Yin Yang

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There’s also C3D’s site


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Good rule of thumb,dont run your business off a free file site,if you are that concerned call the interwebz popo.It was posted for others to enjoy.That is all


Thanks Will

FYI, dead link.

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