New GRBL 1.1H vs 1.1f

Was wondering if Carbide took a look at 1.1H, I asked support, they did not seem to be aware of the version of 1.1 we have on our machines, I use lightburn for my jtech laser and it lists my controller version as 1.1f which coincides when I. Bought my xxl last year, just curious

Nothing really stopping you from giving it a try. There are a couple fixes in there.


As noted on support, I don’t track which version of Grbl is on the machines beyond knowing that it’s the officially supported build installed by Carbide Updater:

We test new versions of Grbl internally as our internal development schedule allows (I’m not privy to testing/development), and fund development of Grbl as noted at: — for more, check in w/ @robgrz, @Jorge, @edwardrford, and @Luke.

(we also try to support other folks as seems appropriate)

We don’t support lasers for a number of reasons, and folks using them should check in w/ the folks who made their unsupported add-on, or w/ the folks developing Grbl.


I’m not talking about supporting the laser, it just reported the current version on the controller as 1.1F is all, which is what the current supported version is, I was just wondering about 1.1H apparently carbide does not know of it yet, or checked it out, I was just curious I guess if they did…that’s it, simple not confusing…just wanted to know

I wasn’t able to look up the specific version which we are installing — I’m sure that there is testing going on, it’s just I’m not involved in it, and don’t have anything on that front which I can share.

As noted, check w/ @robgrz, @edwardrford, @Jorge, and @Luke.

Michael Walker
8:49 PM (1 hour ago)
FYI: here is the info I found out about from someone at Lightburn…

This seems interesting: “Dual motor support for self-squaring gantry homing.”

WIth two limit switches it would square the gantry automatically by running the Y axes independently until they each triggered their limit.

I currently manually push the gantry all the way to the rear before turning the power on.

Unfortunately I think this would require a new controller.



Yes, this is why I asked, if we should upgrade to it, or what, at first they knew nothing about it…then was told about the carbide updater, would take care of it… would be nice…if it could do that…

But I do not think it would require a new controller, as it can up date it’s firmware…and i have 2 Homing switches on mine.

To use the auto-squaring, the cpu_map is altered so that the Y axis would be controlled by two, indepently acting drivers. You would need a different controller.

I think you’re better off just making the axes square.

Grbl 1.1h does not enable the auto-squaring by default.


If you are brave (I’m certainly NOT willing to take the risk…) you could probably hack this.

Just determine which two pins on the stepper driver for Y2 are DIR and STEP and which two pins are D12/D13 on your microcontroller (the ATMEGA328P) and with surgical precision, cut the legs of the chips and solder two jumpers… YMMV (I’m a software guy so my hardware advice is definitely suspect)


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