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Of course. It started with putting a bit in, moving it to close to the wasteboard and laying out a ruler. I jogged the unit in each of the measurement units and with the ruler, could easily see that X and Y were OK. Z (I’m Canadian so that is pronounced ‘zed’)… not-so-much. It did not matter if it was Z+ or Z-… a movement of 1mm was just a shade under 4mm. Sherpa suggestedimage
So into settings I go… chose Shapeoko 3 and sent the configuration data.
Repeated the same tests…this time, all was well.
I then took some stock to see if the rubber was actually going to hit the road… or bypass the road for the tunnel to China. I played for hours and started to see some fun in my future.


(Luc) #22

Glad you were able to fix your Zed issue (another Canuk here). I guess you had skimmed through the setup instructions! You were probably in a hurry to see your first part. I’m happy that it was an easy fix; this is called experience.


(Scott Adams) #23

I don’t know, Luc… I was meticulous… kinda. But 100%… the problem is with the ass in the chair!


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It’s kind of humbling, but I’m glad you got through it!


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