New Guy Checking In

I bought a Nomad 883 about a year ago and have been learning to use it ever since. I’m primarily a hand engraver, and bought the Nomad in the hopes of solving my biggest engraving problem - finding affordable, high quality items to engrave. Here are the results of my efforts…overall, I’m pretty pleased with the Nomad and Carbide 3D support for the very few issues I’ve encountered.

Above are some of my earliest efforts were machining Grade 1 Titanium dog tag blanks, then using hand engraving techniques to clean up details and remove milling marks. I made an aluminum fixture to hold the tags and a pool of coolant.

Next, I worked on what I call “Pocket Fetishes,” actually solid state fidget toys. These are about 2 inches tall, and 1/4 inch thick tellurium copper, chosen for it’s good milling qualities.

Then, I tried machining ledloy steel to make small dies for press forming in a little 20 ton air over hydraulic press. I’ve made small copper and silver challenge coins for a flint knapping group I attend, and some earrings.

You can see much more detailed descriptions of making these doodads on my blog, here at:

Anyway, I’ve been lurking for a while, and found all of your topics very helpful as I’ve tried to break the code on CNC. Thanks for Looking!

Tom Sterling


Very nice,Thanks for sharing!

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These look amazing ! Very nice work

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Holy Cow! It took me forever to learn to make 3D models like that!
Your work is very good, and creative. My kind of stuff, too!
Motivating, for sure!
Thanks for sharing!


New guy??? Good grief I need to step up my game… that all looks amazing!!

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Hi Guys,
Thanks for the kind words and the warm welcome! And thanks for all the inspiration and helpful posts over the last year, keep them coming.



Very cool stuff. Thanks for letting us see your work.

Ummmm, way cool work, neat, clean, original.

Copper alloy creations are really inspiring,

I’d like to do a Swift Boat dog tag kind of thing for a friend, just need to hone my design skills.

Love the work. Nice pieces and details. Thanks for sharing.