New guy, Ferreri PP, Inches

Specs: New guy, SO4XXL, Vectric, Neil Ferreri Post Processor, Carbide Motion…
I work in inches (don’t try to talk me out of it…old dog, new tricks) and just started using VCarve and decided the easiest post-processing would be done using the Neil Ferreri PP (thank you Neil!). The only PP I found is listed as mm. I tried just changing the UNITS statement to “INCHES” in the code and tried to run my job which was created in inches and the cuts were tiny (1/25.4 tiny I suppose). Questions:

  1. Should just changing the UNITS to INCHES in the PP code work?
  2. If not, are there any other things to do which would work for post processing in inches?
  3. Is there any hidden, secret crap within VCarve that might help here?

Niel Ferreri has an imperial post processor here:

Maybe these can help?

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I think that will do it, but I can’t test until later. I’ll post up here either way. Thank you very much!

Sorry for late reply. All is good with the inches PP. Thanks to Gerry for pointing me in the right direction and thanks to Neil for his work in writing decent software to help make the CNC world a bit less clunky.