New HDM limit switch hit and banging hard

New HDM is slamming into limit switches pretty hard on homing… anyone else having this happen? Got a few limit switch hit errors also. Sent email to support just checking here also.

make sure to send the correct configuration file to the machine after you connect to it for the first time.

also make sure you have the 548 beta version of carbide motion.

when i had to switch controllers on mine, i forgot to resend the configuration and had a similar incident…


I sent it several times just to double check

Can you share a video?

I will tomorrow
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That sounds like it may be the homing speed. @Luke … did that sound right?

I actually dropped the homing speed from 3000mm to 2000mm but it’s still occurring.

i dont know how to post video but its on facebook here . this may be normal but it seems to hit a bit hard?

Is it slamming into all of the homing sensors or one axis in particular. I managed to get lucky to have 2 bad homing sensors on my SO4Pro on the Z axis and got a good one on the 3rd try. And the wiring harness from C3d have been notoriously inconsistent for their machines lately ( well I’ll be more gentle in that amongst folks online there have been lots of reports off bad wiring harnesses and connections)

seems like it’s hitting on X and Y. Might just be the tourque and mass sounding like a harsh bang. Just want to be sure if it’s normal or not.

I just watched/listened your video you put up in the FB group. That pretty much sounds like mine. The acceleration and mass of the HDM make for some pretty abrupt sounds that also made me listen carefully compared to the other Shapeokos. :smiley: If it were hitting, then I would think it might hit when it bounces back and goes for the slow trigger.

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Mine is slamming into the Home location as well. So I guess this is the way it is supposed to be??

Also, I’m unclear on when/how I sent a configuration file to the machine?

Mine is abrupt also. Personally, I believe I am going to turn down the accelerations values a bit.

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Yeah i think it’s been determined that the abruptness is just from the mass and acceleration. Was concerning but Luke said it looks normal. I haven’t messed with the acceleration but i cut the homing speed in half to 1500mm/s found that a good compromise.


Can always use a deceleration calculation to determine the amount of distance required to stop. With that information you can use the sensing distance (usually ~4mm, depends on the model) of the inductive sensor. Additionally might want to account for the response time, as there could be nano to micro seconds delay when the sensor triggers, the motion controller sees the trigger and starts the deceleration.

I personally do ~1500mm/s as well (60in/s) - not an HDM owner however.

Are you using CM? Using CM it didn’t seem to slam as much as when using Gsender before I lowered the homing speed. After hearing that it’s to be expected I’ve gotten used to it. In my case upon further investigations i realized it’s not actually slamming into anything just a very abrupt stop.

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