New home for my XL

Well, after nearly driving myself batshit wearing ears for hours during a recent job I decided it was time for an enclosure to cut down the noise. I’ve been admiring what others have done for their machines here on the forums for the past couple of years, thanks for the inspiration😀
One reason I’ve not made one yet is I really prefer 360 degrees of access to my machine, most enclosures I’ve seen are only open at the front and maybe partially on the sides. I’ve come up with a bit of a compromise, sliding doors on the front will allow job access and, a bike hoist mounted to the ceiling in my garage will enable me to easily and quickly remove the entire enclosure for 360 degree access. Pretty cool I think :sunglasses:. Still using my original torsion box/cabinet for the base, here’s a pic of the work in progress.

I’m thinking double pane plexi for the sliding doors, I wonder if 2 panes will really make a difference in sound levels?

Will update as progress continues.


Good looking enclosure! Looks like you gave yourself a lot of room on the sides, which I found to be a bit of a nuisance with my enclosure. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. And yeah, I think a lot of us, when realize how big the box is gonna be, try to make it as small, efficient as possible. Thus forcing some compromises.

I’ve finished the front frame and spacers for the sliding doors. Still debating door designs with myself.

Test fit today, XL not nailed down yet, final position to be determined. Clearly, I need some light in there, the 4 foot led hanging above the box should work just fine inside the enclosure. Need to decide best approach for vac hookup. A little extra headroom in case of a 2.2 kw spindle upgrade, haha.

Not happy with all the raw edges, have to clean them up with some trim.


Essentially complete. Even without insulation noise at 100% power cutting oak at 100 inch/minute is knocked down to 70 dB. Not bad.

I used scrap from the main structure to make the door frames. Glass is 1/4” salvaged from a case I made ages ago. Didn’t have quite enough glass so had to make the bottom rail of the center door a bit wider.

Time will tell if having three doors is a pain or not. I only have to take one of the side panels out to enable tool changes, just slide the others out of the way. No hardware on the doors just heavy coats of furniture wax on the contact surfaces.

Insulation should arrive in a day or two. We’ll see…

Last step will be the hoist to enable raising the box over the XL to enable cutting oversized material and machine maintenance.