New Light Mod for Nomad 883 Pro finished

Just installed new lights in my Nomad 883 Pro. Took about 3hours and its worth every penny. Lights in a CNC is basic where i come from.


Could you show what the light mounting actually looks like? What lights did you use?

I used these leds together with a led driver 700mah. The result is amazing. I actually see now whats happening inside the machine. Zero azis is just so much easier. Next step would be to build a vacuum and air blowing unit Nice integrated and later on isolation of the machine to keep the noice out.

This machine is amazing! Great job by Carbide Team

I have solderd the connections and the cables are inside the rubber seal. And its thru the drag chain and secured to the cable pack going to the spindle assy and then rapped in protective shrink rubber and glued in place to stay safe. The cables are going thru the spindle assy inside One of the holes and properly secured with glue and solderd next to spindle.

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