New machine doesn't like my Surface Pro

Just go the XXL, I’m a first time CNC user. The unit works great off my iMac, but I intend to run it off my Surface Pro. When start the connect to cutter button either causes the program to crash or I get a “serial port resource error” message. Sometime It will connect and I can jog for about 10 seconds then a crash. Jorge at Carbide3D said to use reset button and try again and I also re-loaded the software. Still the same result and now Jorge is out of town Any Ideas? I can’t keep dragging my iMac into the shop when ever I want to make something. Thanks.

One of the developers uses a Surface, so it’s odd that you’re having this difficulty, and even odder that it happens after a bit of time — usually the problem happens immediately on launch.

Have you updated to Fall Creators Update? I had to roll back on my tablet since it crippled my stylus and made it impossible to select text or to select drop-down menus in Carbide Create.

I just did a system update just before I got the Shapeoko. Probably a mistake.

Yeah, it kills me that Microsoft is finally making (and causing to be made) machines which I find perfect (tablets with active styluses), but absolutely wrecking them with their software implementation (Fall Creators Update made it impossible for me to select text using my favourite stylus, a Staedtler Noris Digital Stylus).

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