New machine inconsistent cut


I have received my shapeoko 3 xxl and assembled it. It did notice a rather significant bur on the end of and extrusion (looked like it had been dropped but I didn’t drop it. The packaging was not damaged): AFTER I pushed on the right Y carrier whereupon I also noticed 2 nicks in 2 wheels that ride on the extrusion.

I am experiencing inconsistent depth of cut on my first projects.

See attached photo.

I was using a 1/4 flat bottom spiral 2 flute carbide but with standard feed rates in carbide create.

Please try the feed rates from:

and check

Thanks so much, definitely needs some v wheel adjustments.
Guitar string
:I am not trying to be a smart Alec but:
steel string: electric or acoustic tensions different.
which string: Low E, A, D, G, B, highE???
all very different
Just says for it to snap?? in instructions??? If it were a auto fan belt it would be probably 1/2 inch or less easy deflection

This forum is awesome.

I put notes on my notes on the other forum on a link which on the wiki Shapeoko 3 page.

Your machine might not be completely square - it looks like it’s cutting a little less to the lower left than to the upper right as well.

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did all the adjustments and the same project is great it seems. Most of the wheels were either too tight or too loose. Also, I noticed the Dewalt 611 i got has a rather sloppy 1/4 collet and it seems to need a lot of kind of sloppy tightening without a clear end point. My collet actually loosened up at one point today, glad I found that, was wondering why the cut was shallower and shallower


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