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I’m new to the Carbide community. I got my Shapeoko Pro XXL last week so I thought I’d introduce myself and say Hi! :wave:

I’ve been doing woodworking, 3d printing, and various forms of maker stuff for a long time. We’re currently building combat robots which is part of why we upgraded our CNC router. I’m planning to make some carbon fiber inner supports and compartments so we can put more weight into our weapons and armor.

My machine is currently getting a workout making Christmas decorations for my wife and presents for several family members


Members of this forum are very will to help. Just ask if you have a question

Welcome. Be safe.


I suppose I should share a picture of my setup.


Breathing in carbon fiber is very bad so use dust collection preferably with hepa filter.


Yup. I have a big dust collector in the back of the shop and I generally wear a full respirator when working with stuff like that.

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