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Hello Everyone,
I received my new Shapeoko pro XXL a week ago and have been busy with getting to know the machine. So far I have only made two mistakes and neither ruined my piece. That being said I would be curious to why both msitakes happened. Where should I go within the forum to address this? Thanks for the advise! Also, as I write this I am looking and to not see how to post a photo or upload a file.

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If the mistake was in Carbide Create then that category. If the mistake was in execution during machining then Shapeoko. The category is general but almost anywhere you feel it would fit. Just ask and you will get help figuring out what went wrong. Pictures and files help with answers.

To add pictures use the upload button at the top of the dialog box (bar with arrow pointing up) or just cut and paste a picture right here. Files can be uploaded but there is a size limit. When I run into the size limit I put it on google drive and make a link that anyone that has the link can get access and I just post the link in the post.

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Thank you Guy, I appreciate all of the answers, I was looking and still don’t see the upload arrow. I will paste the photo in the Shapeoko forum and see if the file is within the limits.

I found the upload arrow thingy you spoke about, thank you!

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