New Nomad 3 version?

I was going to buy Nomad 883, then… I saw a posting mentioning new nomad 3…
is there any NEW version , Nomad 3 in the near future ( at least this year ) ?
is it bigger or more powerfull ? , or… is it upgraded of the current version ( 883 ? )

I am wondering , if I should better wait for the new Nomad 3 ?

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Hi @FantasyMaking,

The available info on the new Nomad is here:

and in this sneak peek thread :

So near future: yes.

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Hi Julien.
Thanks for the reply and link.
then… I will wait…, Lucky I asked this question.

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Hmm, I can’t see that thread. Is there some secret club I’m not a part of or was it removed?

That thread is in the Lounge area, only accessible to members of the ‘Regular’ permission level.

Edit: bad grammar.

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Ah, I see. I suspect I’m not even close to trust level 3.

Sorry, I did not notice it was in the Lounge/restricted area, but there is nothing secret in that thread, it’s basically just comments around that (public) video:


Following Winston on instagram also gives some insight on some things.
He made a post about the enclosure for a prototype yesterday:

View this post on Instagram

It wouldn't be a Nomad without a bamboo ply option... Getting ready to skin prototype number 2. Raw machined finish using the Amana 46200-K 1/8" downcutting endmill. #RoadToNomad3 #CNCRouter #instamachinist #Fusion360 #cncowners #cncmachining #digitalfabrication

A post shared by Winston Moy (@winstonmakes) on Jul 28, 2020 at 9:58am PDT

So it seems like they are getting close! I'm pretty excited to see what they've added.

Edit: Hopefully that link works for people.


I like the idea of a more robust spindle motor and Z-axis assembly. Might it be possible to retro-fit an existing Nomad Pro?

I’m afraid not, there are just too many new parts, and it looks like the electronics will be all-new (presumably to drive the spindle motor).

I think if we keep pestering @Vince.Fab to put a kit together, that might be the best bet for the upgrade to current Pro models.

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Working on putting my bolt on kit through its paces but its a decent amount of work to fully integrate everything.

I’m stoked on seeing what the Nomad 3 will be capable of. There’s something to be said about “out of the box” performance.


This is the way. So @Vince.Fab, what you got? :laughing:

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Since some of you may not have seen the thread, looks like new Nomad may have a second probe. Reply to some comments on this post:

The tool length probe will remain available by default. We are working on a way to locate your stock as well.
I’m fairly certain we’re going to see a lot more posts about it this month.

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Your link shows “Login • Instagram” but seems to link straight back to the post you just made.

Maybe the link was broken and Discourse is trying to fix it somehow?

But goddamn it… If the Nomad 3 has an upgraded spindle and a 3D probe…

I just hope it’s still using the same stepper drivers, so that I can still justify all the mods I’ve done to mine :slight_smile:

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