New PCB Board installation?

I received my new controler board today.
How do you get it apart from the smaller board which I assume is the power supply?
No instructions came with the PCB baord.?

The smaller board is the spindle control board. After you have the pair off the baseplate, the connector comes apart with a little finger clamp.

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What is the best way to get these apart? I’m fairly mechanically inclined but I don’t want to damage to board and the piece the bridges the two. Also the black connector has 6 pins, looks like it soldered, I’v never done that before on a board, do I have to heat this to get them apart?
and re-solder?

NO YOU DON’T NEED TO SOLDER!!! Hang on…let me find a picture…

Ok Thank you I was hoping that is not the case



First, take a picture, so you can put everything back.
The first picture is with everything in place.
Remove all the connectors with cables. They’re clipped in. The little part on top of the one for each axis bends back VERY SLIGHTLY and the cable can be pulled off. These are easy to break, be careful and bend them JUST enough to get the connector off. The rest just pull off.
Then remove the 8 screws. 4 on the left board, 4 on the right.
The whole thing should now pull free from the aluminum base. There is some heat sink compound behind it that may be holding it on. Tug a little and the boards should come off together from the machine.

Now, the connector to separate the two boards is the black one below the one labeled “fan” in my picture, just below where the huge cap is attached to the board. Your board may be slightly different, but the connector is in the same place. The left side board just plugs into the part on the right. There’s non retention or anything, it just pulls out.

Thank you!
I’m to this point, disconnecting to 2 boards. The black connector, 6 pins are soldered on the back side?

This is the piece I’m referring to

yes, but that’s just part of the board - pull the two boards apart, you’re almost done. That connector stays with the board - its the female side I think. Are you saying the board they sent you is missing this connector?

yes it is……… I was afraid of that……

ok they are apart…… but yes I’m missing the connector……

and the four white plugs on top, do you have a better image of there configuration?, mine looks different… thank you

Sigh. There’s your problem… they send you the shapeoko board, not the nomad board. The shapeoko and nomad use -almost- the same board…the only real difference is that connector. On the shapeoko they don’t populate it any more, on the nomad you need it to connect to the spindle controller.
Here’s a shapeoko board. The pins at the upper right are the same order in both the black shrouded connector and the stuff below. left to right X, Y, Z, probe (unused) and the rightmost one is feed_hold.

You need to send them a note and they can get you the right board.

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Great…. been down for a week and I have a PO past due for customer…. not good
thank you for your help! I really appreicate it!!!

Wish I could help more, I’m just a random guy.


It might not be what I wanted to hear but it’s what I needed. Thank you again!

Now to get another part here in the middle of a hurricane…:grimacing:
Have a good one!

So I have received my second new control board today. I installed the new control board, my Mac saw my machine. All good so far… I loaded my file and I get a error…… "Door Open“ "Please close door to continue“ are you Kidding!!! I do not have a door switch on my machine! is there anyway to bypass this?

take the connector off the “feed hold” and see if it’s better?

Error (4) "probing cycle failed“ almost broke the endmill or the tool probe

Issue revolved! Up and running!

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