New Pro user and Enclosure

Good afternoon,
My name is Jackson. I have a background as a mechanical engineer as well as a CNC and manual machinist background. I started the router work with a millwright carve king. I recently purchased the Shapeoko pro xxl to allow me to do larger projects with greater ease. I started by building a table with independent controlled outlets for the accessories and the machine. Then build an enclosure over the machine which I am in the process of installing the dust collection so I can work with my door closed. Thought I would share my start to this journey. I love the community so far and have used these forums a lot to answer questions and have dealt with carbide support with great results. Excited to see all the amazing projects continue to share and I look forward to sharing my continued journey here!


Welcome! Another fellow MechE. Looking good!

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Welcome indeed! Fine looking rig :slight_smile: I got those park tools for my router as well…they’re excellent.

I noticed that you had a visit from your building inspector in that first picture. Hopefully, you passed the ‘pet’ scan!

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I see your prop stick. It be temporary but those gas rods are great. I have been to Toranto a few times. I lived in Alaska but the coldest I ever felt was on Toranto standing on Younge St with a north wind blowing. I live on Texas with a much more temperate climate but in the winter I have a propane heater in the shop for the winter months. Do you heat your garage?

I’m actually in Florida, does anyone have a recommendation for gas struts or where to source them? My garage is very warm, fans help but it’s Florida. Hot and humid

Your enclosure is looking great. Like the headroom, you have incorporated.

Don’t have the info at my fingertips, gas struts are available on the internet. They will help you size them for distance and weight.

Good luck

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Thank you, I’m definitely going to put some struts to make the opening easier.

Where the heck did I get Toronto from? East Texas is very hot and humid. Lets just say static is not a big issue. I have several big fans running just pushing hot air around.

Florida is very similar in climate. We just dodged Ida that went through Louisiana. Dodged a big bullet. One of my friends is moving to Tampa in a couple of months. When I was stationed at Biloxi we would go to Pensacola on the weekends. Very pretty beaches, just HOT.

I have friends from Pensacola, I’m way down in south west Florida. Not much of a so called winter and some wicked summers

Haha I think you were conflating this thread with the “Is a Shapeoko Right For Me?” thread where that gentleman is from Toronto.

Best part of Florida. My wife and I will be spending a week on Sanibel Island starting Monday, just in time for the rain!

Beautiful place, I go out there a few times a year and do work out there pretty often.

Great gas structs and calcualtor at