New ring I worked on today

All 925 sterling silver


How do you weld the ends together? Silver solder? Then how do you make that weld look like the rest of it?


Yes it’s silver Solder and then I use a sulfur in liquid to make the knot stand out

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Sand and buff out weld then it’s all finished

This is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks I used the small pc board v to do the design on the knot but told the the program I was using the 122 ball nose and set my cut to .010
It makes great detail finish work

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Hi @Rasser00,

Beautiful piece. Can you elaborate on the “sulfur in liquid” part for making the knot stand out ?
Also if you have other pieces of jewelry you have done with your Nomad, I would love to see them, we don’t get to see many of those around here.

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Many jewellers use “Liver of Sulphur” to oxidise metals. I’ve got some but have yet to try it. Perhaps that’s what’s referred to?


It’s called liver of sulfur it comes in a can I put a small piece in hot water an then use a Q tip in the solution and apply it to what I want
All the deep features will get black


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