New S4 Build; No Connection to Windows PC

New S4 user here ( :wave:). After build; having issue connecting S4 to Windows PC. It appears to be a driver issue.

PC is Windows 11 Pro (new PC, bought yesterday)
Carbide Motion version is build 575
S4 XL Machine w/ BitZero, BitSetter, Bitrunner
Backup PC Windows 10

I am getting an “A service installation section in this INF is invalid” error on the USB driver within Windows devices. System recognizes the connection as a “ATmega16u2 DFU”, but Carbide Motion won’t connect to the cutter.

Attempted to reinstall Carbide Create and Motion multiple times; manually point Windows to the Program Files(x86)\Carbide\driver\ folder and have also manually run the dpinst-x64 installer a few times as well. I have also attempted to use a different PC too that was running Windows 10.

On the S4 controller board; upon powerup xyz and probe lights quickly flash and go dark. Blue light near power stays on. Appears wires are probes are registering; upon touch the sensors each light up the correct controller LED when contacted, including BitZero and BitSetter probes. No stepper movement at all - unclear if any would be expected.

Is my controller board bad? I am using the provided USB cable as well.

Is this problem happening on both your machines? When I started using Win 11 my laptop woiuld crash when I turned power off to the shapeoko with the power on. A few Win updates later it quit doing that. So I would suspect Windows before the controller. However if both Win 10 and 11 are doing it then maybe the cable or a controller problem.

I have not seen an install problem in a while but people used to get the 32 bit version installed when they needed the 64 bit version. Another issue you might try is to uninstall and then right blick the install icon and install for all users. I know that does not make sense but sometimes permissions cause driver problems.

We have received your response, and your ticket is being reviewed and we will do our best to work through this w/ you.

Hi all - I wanted to share an brief update, should a new user experience a similar situation when attempting to connect a new S4 to your PC (Windows or Apple), like I did. After quick troubleshooting with Carbide3d Support (thank you :grinning:), a new replacement board was sent - which immediately fixed my issue. Unclear if it was a corruption or just bad part issue with the original controller board, but all is well after this part swap out.

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