New Sender Program - Murobo Control Center

I’ve previously posted about the Touchscreen Grbl Control Panel that I created for controlling my Shapeoko. I’ve made the software that powers it available for Windows machines as Murobo Control Center, a feature rich CNC control software. An alpha pre-release version can be retrieved from

Some of the key features include the following.

  • Support for touchscreens and traditional keyboard/mouse inputs
  • 6-axis DRO and control
  • 3D perspective and orthographic cut path visualization
  • Tool Change Support (including BitSetter)
  • Conversational facing operations with 3 cut strategies (X lines, Y Lines, Spiral)
  • Tool Manager
  • Real-time in-app camera feed display
  • Web Interface w/camera feed and cycle stop button
  • M01 Conditional Breaking
  • Run From Here
  • Block Editing
  • Gamepad Jogging
  • Real-time Mist and Flood control
  • Feed and Speed Overrides
  • MDI and Console
  • Offsets Manager
  • 4 corner, 4 side, Z, and center hole probing with rotational offsets
  • JavaScript programming API with support for implementing M-codes, persistent database, and user input via UI windows

Full instructions aren’t available yet but the below steps can be followed for basic operation.

  1. Connect to the machine via the CONNECT page
  2. Load the program via the PROGRAM page
  3. Jog to program origin with gamepad or buttons
  4. Zero the axis
  5. Start the program


I’ve created videos on Getting Started and enabling Touchscreen support linked below.


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