New setup 2.2kw 220v spindle issues

Trying to get my new HDM set up, I’m running into some issues that I can’t figure out and since it’s a holiday it appears no one is in the office at Carbide to answer the phone. This using the 220v 2.2 kw spindle.

I’m hoping someone else might be able to help me. M3 Sxxxxx (through both and nc file and manually sending the Gcode through the mid) fails to start the spindle until I use 19000. So I’ve only got a range between 19000 and 24000. The spindle will turn at 1200 rpm using the jog button on VFD so lower frequency seems to work fine.

I’m digging through the manual now and unless the the manual is incorrect it looks like Carbide has locked out the settings from user modification. I do seem to remember a post from someone that they have locked down the setting. When I hit mode to go through the settings I get just a line of dashes. I’m assuming it’s looking for an unlock code.

Anyone know what it is? I’d love to try and get this thing running while I’m off. Thanks.

Anything come of this?

Still down. It appears that either the VFD comms board or the carbide 3D breakout board is bad. In the beginning m3 S19000 or higher would spin the spindle now it won’t spin at all. Since it’s brand new and never been run other than the initial power up I’m reticent to start pulling the boards out and see where the breakdown is. The spindle lockout LED is super dim when on it could be that switch as well or it isn’t receiving the appropriate voltage from either the breakout board or vfd. Without a wiring diagram and since I haven’t pulled the warthog board out so I can see underneath to trace I’m not sure where it is receiving it’s voltage.

I was expecting an update from Carbide 3D today, but haven’t heard back.

Spindle control board issues are the most common failure on the hdm (atleast posted here ), if that is what it is carbide will replace it. If that isnt what it is they will replace whatever the issue is. Everything ive gotten back from them has been shipped fedex next day. I had 0 response with carbide’s phone. Getting a hold of them that way was impossible for me, I also had issues getting ahold of sales. The only way I got a reply and have gotten replies is with the support email, That email is usually very fast to reply. You are correct about the vfd. They are supposed to be locked from the factory to avoid people changing settings on accident. Its a catch 22. People who know what they are doing can’t get into the settings but it stops people from changing things they dont understand. Vfd or control board, one of the two and since you can manually job the spindle id also be inclined to think the control board is toast for one reason or another. Honeslty surprised that none of the support guys replied to this. They are usually pretty quick even here on the forums. I seen this last night and diddnt reply as I don’t really have much to add but know that when you do get ahold of support they will take care of you.

They were initially responsive, but now they have been radio silent since Wednesday. I got an email saying I would get an update later Wednesday, but I haven’t heard anything.

I’ve checked on your ticket, and it’s still open — we have a limited number of folks who are experienced on the HDM, and we want to make sure that the information we send is correct for that model.

So I have a machine that in non functional from first start, was informed someone would get back to me on Wednesday no one ever got back to me, I followed up with a message through support email asking if there was any update yesterday evening. Still no response. And now for the one turn key machine you sell the word is the ticket is still open and we don’t have many people knowledgeable about the HDM. Not very reassuring.

New VFD sent and still no luck. My first thought was the board that sits below the main board in the control box since the VFD runs the spindle fine through the potentiometer, but carbide thought it was the VFD, So now it looks like more waiting for another part to see if the next thing fixes it.

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I am sorry to hear about this problem Josh. It is regrettable to have had to wait this long on a new machine, but I promise it is worth the wait. HDM is my main machine, I use it every day and it is amazing.
Carbide support are such hard working talented people, I am sure they are doing their best to get this figured out as soon as possible. Sometimes these things are difficult to diagnose, but I am guessing they overnight shipped you a new VFD in the hopes that would fix it, should be a good indication they are trying their best to get you up and running.
Good luck and I hope you get it figured out soon!


I’ve chased this with support, they should be coming back to you today.


Yeah they’ve been in touch but it is frustrating as I’m sure you can imagine. Spent a few hours putting 960 of theseplugs in getting ready to run some test cuts to get the final dial in handled and still no go. I’m sure it will get figured out, but the I’ve got some parts that need to get done.

Had a small off it of 303 so I machined this stainless adapter plate tapped for m6 for the bit zero so I can use the 1/2-13 from the fixture plate.


Wow awesome setup, that’s a lot of plugs lol. I think you missed one there on the … naa just kidding. How do you take them back out?

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There is a thin spot in the middle that you stab with a 90 degree pick and they pop right out. The colored plugs go in easy but the black plugs are a little stiffer and a tighter fit. I’m guessing it’s either the pigment(carbon?) makes them stiffer or the colored ones were designed with a slightly looser fit since it’s expected they will be removed more often since they are used to mark fixture locations.

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Lol I ended up doing my adapter in aluminum. I have not checked with an indicator, How flat are the fixture plates?


The specs are within .0005 per plate. When I move the machine to my new shop space I plan on measuring on the surface plate, but I’ve also got one on my manual mill and it measures within that.

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Carbide3D sent a new “Spinderella” board and it appears to be working. I want to go through a few cycles to be sure. Took a while to get here, but that wasn’t the fault of Carbide 3d, as it seems FedEx packages are getting delayed quite a bit.

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