New Shapeoko 3 homing errors

Hi All,

New here and just finished my assembly of my Shapeoko 3.
I set " true " in settings for Shapeoko has homing.
I get a error of " setting disabled " and from there a screen saying " homing ".
Nothing happens.

Thanks in advance !

You also need to enable homing in Grbl, use the MDI to send




Will, Thanks ! That worked :slight_smile: Onward to see what else I can figure out.


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Why is this important step not in the (1) assembly guide or (2) Carbide Motion guide?

PS Still too many dead links in the assembly guide (Meg???)

See photo ( 1- 5 they are all dead)

The website is being updated — this hasn’t gone as smoothly as we’d’ve liked, and the re-directs haven’t been put in place, nor have all the link updates been made.

FWIW, I believe I’ve managed to get all the links for the community-maintained sitemap updated:

but would be glad to be informed if anything was missed, or needs to be corrected / adjusted.

Relevant link from that page:

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404 error, file not found. Looked this up this weekend while at Home Depot trying to source a fresh piece of MDF. I found the dimensions doing a web search in the end posted on the forum somewhere, but not the original PDF. Meant to report this sooner, but then I ate and slept a few times, life happens;)


Found the issue in the above, the link is to “wastebaord” instead of “wasteboard”. Simple typo in the link (o and a in wasteboard reversed). If you go to:

The PDF is there, just a bad link on the C3D website.


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Thanks! Fixed that on the wiki, sent a note on it through the official channels.

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I just fixed that wasteboard link. Should be good now.

@RichCournoyer - the homing portion not being part of the instructions was a legacy thing. Originally the machine didn’t ship with limit switches, so it was a separate set of instructions, blah blah blah. Short story: It was my fault for not getting it updated sooner.

Longer story: I just took new pictures and am writing instructions to include with the Standard Shapeoko instructions, should be updated by Wednesday.

Also - I just fixed the 5 dead links you found. Let me know if you find anymore!



Thanks Edward, even though it was in hindsight.

You do know the assembly manual is a real sore spot for me.

You know that I assembled my early purchase Shapeoko 3 kit containing 1143 pieces, with my eye’s closed, and my right arm tied behind my back, but as you know, many of our customers don’t have those odd assembly skills that I was gifted with and are just now learning that the Plus and Minus screwdrivers actually have official names… meaning the online assembly guide MUST fool proof and updated every time there is a change to the machine. I get so upset hearing the 100 + complaints regarding this subject, and to be honest, don’t understand why it isn’t perfect and something to be proud of, like I am proud of the machine. (I’m just not that smart) (PS Fool proof was NOT my first choice of words)

I won’t bother you for a few weeks since I’m heading off the North West on the Harley with a buddy, and will return early August.

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O/T Stay until the 21rst of August and enjoy our total solar eclipse.

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I really wish I could…unfortunatly, I need to be back in LA LA land before 8/4 for an unpleasant medical procedure…

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Just to close the loop on this: I went ahead and created a new article defining how to enable homing. You can find that here:

Now the instructions are more clear - the actually switch installation is part of the overall assembly guide for each size - and the software configuration is broken out into this new article.

Hope that helps someone in the future.