New Shapeoko 3 xxl, and it begins!

Just got our new Shapeoko 3 xxl in the other day, came way faster than expected. My GF decided this was her new project, so with some help, she is doing all the assembly including building the table. There is a lot more to do, including finishing the table. Just figured I’d post some pics along the build as I add more stuff and equipment to the set-up, and also include any issues i run into. Just got started last night on the table. Please ignore the messy shop.


Welcome! Let us know if we can help, have fun.

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Nice shop. Very jealous. Would love to have that much room for tools.


Setting up a Shapeoko in the shop is great fun, enjoy!
Do yourself a favor and do not postpone installing a good dust collection system, unless you like your whole shop covered with a very thin layer of wood dust :slight_smile:


I wish my shop was that big…

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Thanks guys, I’ve always done metal fabrication, but my GF wanted to get into doing more wood work… and now I’m addicted, lol. The big shop is nice, but also tends to collect crap, a lot. Oh, the dust issue, going to have to solve that this week, just surfacing the waste board was horrible, already had to clean my v wheels and extrusion twice. MDF dust sucks.

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Oh, and by the way. I’m Brandon, and glad to be a part of the Forum, seems like a wealth oh knowledge on here. Quick update, got the spoil-board and t tracks installed. Just gotta cut some hold down clamps in a little while.


Well, made a couple things…nothing special yet


Looking good. Just finished the assembly of our XL last night, and setting up the home functions and the like now. Excited to get to work with this machine.

What material is that? Is that a bamboo plywood?

Wow, you have such a huge shop space! Enjoy your Shapeoko!

It’s just 1/4" Poplar, normally used for flooring underlayment, but its decently soft, cuts fast as heck, and cheap.

I love this one. I’ve programmed routers for probably 20 years now, and through all the cad programs I’ve used, I will say, carbide create is probably the easiest to use out of all of them. It doesn’t do nearly as much as others, but for any beginner I think its great. My GF had never even seen a cad program before friday, and she’s already cut at least 2 full sheets of wood on this thing with only a couple issues, like forgetting to change cut depth once or twice. I’m currently teaching her autocad, she should have that down by the end of this weekend. Next I’ll start teaching her fusion and a little more in depth 3d projects.


Got home and had a new toy!!!


Welcome to the club! I hope you enjoy your machine as much as most do here, it’s no heavy duty steel mill but allows you to be incredibly creative, and it’s cheap, and it’s easy!

Awesome to see your GF getting into it, mine has shown a lot of interest too but moving house and now building a house have slowed down the progress a bit.

P.s is that a Bridgeport I see in the background? I will have a place in my new shed for something similar, just so I’ve got both wood and metalwork covered :wink:

Yeah, its an older Bridgeport J-head belt driven machine, one of my favorites. Can’t even hear it running until it starts cutting. Loving the shapeoko so far

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