New Shapeoko 3 XXL not doing anything

Hey guys,

I just recently finished assembling my new S3 XXL and I have not cleaned up the wiring because I wanted to make sure it was functioning first. My question is, when you plug in an S3 (power), does it do anything? Lights, motor noises, anything? At this moment, mine doesn’t respond at all and also throws “cutter not found” errors. I’ve tested the extension wires and they seem to be fine. When I move the various axes, I can get a blip out of an LED but that’s about it. I included some pictures of my current setup.

thanks for any insight,
P.S. I’ve already sent an email to support but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something obvious like an on/off switch :slight_smile: BTW, If there actually is an on/off switch I’m going to feel really dumb.

If there is an on/off switch it controls the power-supply current to the stepper motors.

The Arduino is usually powered over USB.

Please see

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There is a light on the Powersupply, make sure its on.
There are lights on the Board, make sure those are on.

When Powered up, the steppers will lock up.

Then you can connect via USB cable.

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@Jotham there is an ON/OFF switch, it’s inline with the cable (halfway from the power supply to the connector for the board) so it might be easy to miss.

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It’s official! I’m an idiot :slight_smile: Yeah, that inline power switch is exactly what I needed (i usually miss things in plain sight, had it been hidden, I would have found it).

I now have pretty blue lights and locked stepper motors so I can proceed. Thank you all for the advice. I’m sure other questions will come up like proper COM4 speeds but those I can research with the wikis.

I gotta say, I’m kinda looking forward to the intricacies of dialing the machine in and testing it.