New shapeoko 4 error. crash on initialize

hello i just finished building my shapeoko 4 xxl yesterday. today i downloaded carbide motion, connected my machine and updated my machine configuration settings. i tested my proximity switches by placing a wrench over them and seeing the red light and the blue lights on control board to make sure they are right. so next step i click initialize machine and the green light flashes on the control board several times then flashes red twice and carbide motion crashes. the machine doesnt move at all. ive traced all of the wires from control board to location to make sure they are correct. i restarted my computer, i even uninstalled carbide motion and reinstalled and im still having the same issue. plzz help thanks

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Which version if Carbide Motion?

Which platform?

Please let us know about this at

it is version 565 and windows

I’m having a similar problem. I’ve made a few projects and all was going well. Then I went to run a program that I’ve run a few times with no issues and it froze up (file from CC 710. Reinstalled CM and now when I click “Initialize” there is a pause and a humming sound coming from the machine and CM crashes. Machine does not move. Any ideas or updates on this would be greatly appreciated.

I have a Shapeoko 4 XXL
CM 565
Windows 10

Is something mechanically blocking the machine from moving the Z-axis? Any hardware loose? All motor wiring and connectors in good condition and secure?

Let us know what you find out at and we’ll get this sorted out.

I don’t think so. I’ve re-tensioned belts and made sure there was nothing on the tracks. The v-wheels look to be good as well. Eccentric nuts are tight. I will re-check everything and drop a email to support. Thanks for your fast response Will!

Well I thought I had this figured out but an issue persists… Sometimes it is on startup and other times it occurs between jobs. Here is the best detail I can describe:

When I go to “Initialize” after the connection has been established there is a long pause and “Busy” is displayed on the top of the screen. Then Carbide Motion crashes. Also of note is a very strange humming sound… Very faint but think of a hollow electrical hum that is very faint but detectable. That goes on for about 10 seconds then Motion crashes.

I’ve checked all the wiring, wheels, fasteners, etc. that I can think of. Just very random and only happens every once in a while. Only cure seems to be to shut down everything for at least 15 minutes (has been 2+ hours at one point) and it will Initialize like nothing happened.

I am going to send this to support. Just thought I’d throw this out there to the group and see if there has been anyone else with this issue (I did not notice anything like this in my research on the forums).

Thanks in advance for your time in reading this long winded message. Any advice / help is appreciated!

WIN 10

  • Matt W.

I’m pretty sure you have Z-axis wiring extensions from a bad batch — please work w/ us through support and we’ll get this puzzled out.

Thanks Will. I’ve emailed support. And you may very well be correct as I have fiddled with the Z limit wiring and the sound momentarily went away. They seem to test “GOOD” (light on when touched with a metal object; lights on in the controller as well when activated).
Thank you for your help and time!

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