New Shapeoko 5 Pro won’t initialize

I’ve had my new 5 Pro with VFD setup for over a week after the very straightforward build. In spite of that, I can’t get the machine to initialize. It does the move to the Y limit switches and checks those off on the computer screen, but it just sits there humming without moving on to test the X or Y.

I reached out for support and they were very responsive at first by sending a pdf showing the calibration for the Y limit switches. But, now after following those instructions and getting the same results I can’t get a response back from tech support after leaving messages and following up with email.

Getting very frustrated that I can’t get my machine running and I feel like I’m being ignored by Carbide support. Thanks for letting me vent and I’d appreciate any help you can provide.

They have now gotten back to me and we are in the process of troubleshooting. So far, it looks like the X motor is not being activated.

They sent me a new controller and wiring harness but now it doesn’t move at all when initializing. Waiting for response from tech support.