NEW Shapeoko XXL ..Will not read Bobcad ( .nc ) post proecssor files

Hello, I just purchased and finally had a chance to get it all set up, etc a Shapeoko XXL with T-rails… the “Hello World” file read and ran …fine. However, NONE of mty existing files that I produced in Bobcad V27 and V30 respectively and using the "Predator " post processor… none of them will read in Carbide motion!!! any ideas on how to rectify this issue wiould be MORE than appreciated … I have work to do lol, thanks in advance!

Please use the correct post-processor. See: from

… And that would be? I’m not sure I understand that response… what post processor SHOULD I be using? I’ve only ever used the Predator processor as it worked with Mach 3 and it is the post processor that comes with BOBCAD… I couldn’t find in either reference in the two links you provided as to which I would need to use to get my files to work With Shapeoko

I see a GRBL post processor on the bobcam website. That would be a good place to start.


What’s wrong with the post-processor in the link at the forum post I linked?

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