New Single Flute ZrN Cutters

We finally got our single flute cutters in stock at the following links:

.25" :

.125" :


And our .25" stub cutter:

Sorry for the wait after we announced these, it sounds like the cutter blanks went out of stock everywhere just as we ordered them.


Awesome, this is great to see. I’ve been using this exclusively in aluminum and love them a ton. I highly recommend soaking them in a mild sodium hydroxide (lye) solution or alkaline cleaner to remove aluminum buildup you will see on them over time as a gray coating. This is not the ZrN coating wearing off but instead aluminum building up. The ZrN coating is super strong and durable!

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Thanks @robgrz. The product details don’t highlight if these come in a pack (of 2) like the #201Z or #102Z. Does that mean these are single endmills being sold?

Yep, we decided to make these single-quantity since the price ended up being higher than the normal cutters

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