New Single Flute ZrN Cutters

(Rob Grzesek (Carbide 3D)) #1

We finally got our single flute cutters in stock at the following links:

.25" :

.125" :


And our .25" stub cutter:

Sorry for the wait after we announced these, it sounds like the cutter blanks went out of stock everywhere just as we ordered them.


(Jonathan Anderson) #2

Awesome, this is great to see. I’ve been using this exclusively in aluminum and love them a ton. I highly recommend soaking them in a mild sodium hydroxide (lye) solution or alkaline cleaner to remove aluminum buildup you will see on them over time as a gray coating. This is not the ZrN coating wearing off but instead aluminum building up. The ZrN coating is super strong and durable!

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(Daniel Story) #3

Thanks @robgrz. The product details don’t highlight if these come in a pack (of 2) like the #201Z or #102Z. Does that mean these are single endmills being sold?


(Rob Grzesek (Carbide 3D)) #4

Yep, we decided to make these single-quantity since the price ended up being higher than the normal cutters


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