(New) Software Question

Wow Roger, looks like you have done a lot of good work. I’m interested to see the first production release. It seems like you have put a lot of thought into it. I noticed some issues in the video where it looked like things were not rounding off correctly, but I’m sure you’ll get those worked out.

One think I would like to see in a production version is some pre-loaded scripts for the Nomad for Tool measurements. Carbide Motion does this internally, and I wouldn’t want to give up that feature. It would also be nice to have some canned scripts for drilling out new waste boards for the Nomad and the SO3. Since it seems like your initial user base would be SO3 and Nomad users, adding in as many features for those users as you can would be a big selling point. You can always add additional scripts for other machines as your audience grows.

If you need a Nomad tester with very little experience, I’d be happy to fill that role so that you get feedback from a new user perspective.

Keep up the great work, this is exciting.

IMHO you should leave some way to jog with a mouse.
I use a touch screen rather than a mouse, so having things on the screen works well for me.

That said, the buttons don’t have to be huge (like they are now), but just big enough so fat fingers don’t hit two at once.


Part of the reason for the large buttons is to support touch screen, another part is to allow you an easier hit with a mouse from a long distance. It’s hard to hold an accurate position from a distance.

That being said, one can never please everyone’s requests because everyone thinks differently about how things should look or work.

Projects (i.e. WasteBoard)

How is this coming along? I am not even a Shapeoko owner yet but am looking forward to this!

Awesome to hear.
I am almost ready to get the beta to some people.
You have a home built? I had one then I moved to the Shapeoko
If I do it again I may make it like the size of a plywood (8 by 4 feet)

Tell me about your machine I plan to hopefully support more then 1 type of machine for sure.

I don’t have anything yet but planning to get an XXL in the next couple days. I would like to have a 4x8 or 5x10 at some point. Just don’t need one that size yet as my immediate and short term needs are for smallish stuff.

Hey @rogwabbit, I have my XXL up and running now, would love to get in on this if you still need folks to beta. I am a brand new SO3 user, but I think I can be of use on this. How’s the software coming along by now?

Including you, that makes 4 total testers.
Any other takers interested in trying a new software and reporting issues and things you want to see, change and enhance?


Really? Only 4? Seems like there would be a ton of folks wanting to try this out based on what I’ve seen of it from your videos. Thanks for letting me in on it!

Wow. I also thought that there are way more people wanted to test. I am busy until after Labor day. otherwise I will put down my name too. If it is OK to test it after Labor day I volunteer too.

I could help out. I’m a noob when it comes to CNC, but I was a business systems analyst for quite a while…

Everyone interested in a demo software, please send me your email address in a PM.

Sign me up, Seasoned CNC user. would love to try it out.



I really like what you have going on. I also run a laser engraver and carbide software is so very unfriendly. I like everything in one place, I guess I am spoiled. I very seldom use my Shapeoko3 because I hate the software. I would love to see your finished version.

I agree with you Tony. I want things to be very clear and intuitive. Being confronted by a screen full of boxes and numbers takes a while to learn and be comfortable with.