New spindle issues

Hello everyone, brand new CNC owner here. I got my shapeoko 5 pro setup and seems like I have figured out bit setter, bit zero and starting a job but I can’t get the vfd spindle to start. Can anyone help? Tech line did not respond to me yesterday and I really want to get this going! TIA

Hey Tim,
Is the enable light on the VFD on? That got me when I first powered up my machine.

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I noticed the “Spindle On” button on Carbide Motion doesn’t turn the spindle on. It sends a speed because I can see the VFD display changes from 0.0 to 13.5, but no spinning action. However, If I send the M3S10000 it spins up just fine and M5 then stops it.

Figured I’d chime in case your trying to use that “Spindle On” button.

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That’s what I learned from tech line! Ends up it was working but I had not configured something right. I am brand new to cnc so it’s been a steep learning curve so far

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