New to CNC… just saying hello

Hello, all. I just purchased a pro xxl, bit zero, starter mills, and precision collets. I figured I’d get this one now instead of realizing later that I needed something bigger.

The machine isn’t set up, yet, because I’m re-working my shop to accommodate the footprint. I’ve been through the tutorials (which differ from my version of CC once I reached “Toolpaths”) and many of Winston Moy’s YouTube vids.

Anyway, I’m a total newbie. I don’t even know what I don’t know. Just wanted to introduce myself to the group. I’m sure I’ll be reaching out soon for help moving forward.


Hi @Westers,

Welcome to the community!
If you are just getting started with CNC and the Shapeoko, this may be a useful read :

(it’s from the Shapeoko3 days, but the bulk of it still applies)

Ask any and all questions here, there are lots of folks willing to help.


Hi Will, another relative newbie here also! After seeing so many videos I just started to make stuff, still making a lot of mistakes but I keep a log of what I’m doing, settings, bits, materials, speeds and the results with a picture. For me this is the best way to learn. But it’s so much fun, I can’t wait to do my next little project. I just love my 4XL!


Thank you. I’ll read this with enthusiasm and gratitude!

I like the idea of combining the data with a visual result for future reference. That’s a really good suggestion. Thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you again now that I’ve read a bit of this. It is very well written and to the point. I’m working my way through, but if the remainder is consistently as good as the first few sections, this looks to be one of the most valuable and comprehensive resources I’ve seen so far.


@Westers. Welcome! There is a lot of knowledgeable people here that are very willing to help newbies. I know personally, because I have asked and still ask newb questions.
Stick around and watch, there are a lot of talented people that are inspiring to cut stuff and make saw dust (or aluminum shavings!)


Just adding to welcoming you to our little CNC family!
Looking forward to seeing your projects.


Thanks so much! Can’t wait to achieve something worth sharing.

I’ll definitely read as much as I can here. The projects I’ve seen are truly inspirational. You guys amaze me with your skill, creativity, and persistence.

Welcome to the group and not long ago I was in your shoes as I started myself this past summer and found the community to be super supportive/helpful to get started. Someone always seems to be around to answer your questions so search for topics of interest or post your questions. Just remember it’s always better to ask a question here then to suffer alone if somethings not working out for you and if you don’t find your answer here in the forums then Carbide support is also always a good option as well.


That’s awesome! I did a 30 minute conversation with support the other night. I had written out a list of ten questions - mostly related to software b/c I’m still not up and running. Nick, the kind fellow I spoke with, was super helpful and was able to say things in a way that wasn’t over my head as a newb.