New to CNC old to Laser Engraving

I’ve been using my Epilog Laser since 2007. This XXL is just a little overwhelming as i didnt realize i had to assemble completely.
Is there anyone that live in Western NC? I’m in need of assistance.
Ill continue to finish the assembly but someone with experience would be greatly appreciated to speed things up.

Scorpionjacks Exotic Wood Products and Custom Laser Engraving.

I am in the Seattle area on surgery recovery. I can do a video link with you if you would like to help point you in the right direction.

Not to brag or make fun, thought is was easy

We ca pick up where you are at and go from there.

Also C3D support will do the same thing for you.

Mike any assistance will be appreciated, i am familiar with stl and gcode as i also have a 3d printer…

I just want to insure assembly and first cutting/operation goes as smooth as possible.

Best to plod through and ask Carbide 3d for any help you might need.

I built mine without any written instructions, going back and forth between the back of the shop (50 foot walk) and a paused you tube video of Winston assembling one which wasn’t the same as mine. Took 3 days of walking back and forth.

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Just send a PM. Happy to help. When we get to the laser, you will have to source someone else

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