New to Shapeoko and Fusion Help

I have the student version of Fusion 360 and have no options as indicated on the Carbide 3D website to select the Carbide 3D Post Process to enable file output to the Shapeoko any help appreciated?

If not suggestions on suitable software to design guitar bodies and necks that will work with Carbide from current DXF Fusion type files?

So you don’t see the “carbide3d.cps” PP as show in that page ?

You can download it on the Fusion360 website here:

Or do what many of use here do and use @neilferreri’s take on a Shapeoko PP for Fusion360, it’s great, and it’s available here.

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Thanks for coming back Julian, I do not even have that Post Process menu available that I can find?

It’s that icon:


in the “Manufacture” workspace

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