New to used Shapeoko 3XL

Hi. I bought a gently used Shapeoko 3XL with the Z+ and Bitsetter and assembled everything according to the manual. I then downloaded Create and Motion. I have Windows 11 and tried to initialize machine. It registered against rear of Y2 then ran to front center and back to rear of Y2 and proceeded to runt eh bit down to the spoilboard. I can’t get it to recognize the Bitsetter and I can’t get the Jog command to show up on Motion. I uninstalled Motion and reinstalled and unplugged everything and then plugged it all back in. The machine is 3 years old. I am so excited to get going to embellish my segmented turnings but kinda bummed out right now. I’m sure it’s something simple - but I don’t know what I don’t know. Please help.

Power up and connect to the machine, and disable the BitSetter under Settings | Options — that should then allow the machine to initialize.

Once it has initialized, configure the location of the BitSetter per:

If you have any difficulties w/ this, let us know at and we’ll get them sorted out.

There’s some good training at the Carbide 3-D site. There’s also lotta good training on YouTube. I’ve made some videos of Carbide create pro, and a few for Carbide create channel is Stephen k cox

Have you run the machine configuration?

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