New Tool at the Kubota Tractor Store

I went with a neighbor today to buy a garden tiller. We stopped at the Kubota Dealer in Longview Texas for him to look at getting a new track hoe. I was wandering around the store waiting on him and found this neat tool. They call it a scraper. The thing should work well at peeling up my painters tape and super glue projects. I had been using a putty knife but it is quite flexible and not sharp at the point like this one. The tool cost me about $9.00 tax and all.

The blade is quite stiff and the chisel bevel at the end will make getting under the tape easier. I will report back once I actually use it.

I think it might also be useful at removing the partially dry squeezed out glue on projects.



Thanks for this little non technical post.

I was getting overwhelmed by G-code analysis and such. Kudos to those who understand and can use that information. I was able to wrap my head around a potentially better scraper.



Good show! I especially like that it has a 15 degree angle in the blade along with that chisel bevel angle of around 15 degrees to match. Its very important to match those two angles because of the grain structure at the wood and glue boundary. Speaking of stiffness, the blade is hardened to Rockwell 29 so it will be flexible but will not bend into another shape. The Kubota orange color of the handle is highly impregnated with pigment (#A45) so those 5mm grooves in it will withstand the pressures of tape adhesive and dried glue. And then there’s that button on the end. Its size really has to be between 10 and 12 mm so it will not put a dent in your hand, but will be able to drive a 10p nail in walnut.

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3709 S Eastman Rd, Longview, TX 75602


Texas is a weird place, but I will never mess with it.

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I got to use the scraper tool today. It worked great getting under the material. The only draw back if you want to call it a draw back is when I got the project lifted there was residue on the tool. The residue was the glue from the painters tape. I just took a paper towel with mineral spirits and it clean right off.

If you use volatile chemicals like mineral spirits, acetone, denatured alcohol remember to dispose of your rags properly. The best is to put the rags soaked in chemicals in water. If you dont have that available then spread them out to dry preferably outside. Never wad up a chemical soaked rag and/or paper towel and throw in the trash. It is currently 98 degrees F in my shop (36.6 C). Rags/Paper Towels soaked in chemicals can spontaneous combust. This could potentially burn your home down and at the very least really mess up your shop.


Even things like a pile of leaves can start a fire. A friend of mine had a pile of leaves piled up against his wooden fence. He came home about 6:00PM to find the fire department parked in his driveway. The leaves had likely heated up from the composting effect and with the hot weather his pile of leaves caught on fire. He had to replace about 12 feet of his wooden fence and patch the lawn. So dont leave piles of combustibles laying around tempting fate. He was lucky the grass did not start on fire and burn all the way to his house. Since we generate large amounts of saw dust dont let it accumulate near your home and/or shop. Saw dust is very flammable and smolders for hours just waiting for a puff of wind to kindle the smolder to a fire.

Edit: July 10, 2022 I used the scraper tool today and I am really liking it. The thing I like about it is it is stiff and has enough strength to lift up projects without bending like my old putty knife. When I lay down the painters tape on the spoilboard I make it about 2 inches longer than the project. On the project I trim off the excess tape pretty much even with the edge of the material. This makes it easy to lift up the spoilboard tape and then get the scraper under it.

You never know what you will find when you aren’t really looking for anything.


Here are some pictures of my new scraper in action. I love this thing.


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