New user introduction

West Hills Wood is my wood shop in Los Angeles. One of our running jokes is “Another first!” because we make a lot of one-off items for people. It has worked for 15 years and we are a well-equipped hobby shop that truns enough profit to keep the government off our backs.
That’s the short story. You can look at Facebook or our Youtube page to see some of what we’ve been up to.
A CNC has been on the radar for some time and we keep looking for a project that can justify the outlay. We went with our Another First approach and bought a Shapeoko Pro XXL without a specific project in mind. We’ll post a video soon enough, but I’ve been lurking for several weeks and decided I should contribute to the Group with my first cut.
This is the logo for my friend’s Pickle Ball company. I imported the vector art via Illustrator (old guy alert) and used two bits to make the carving. So much to learn…


Hi Harold,

welcome to the community !
Looking forward to you seeing pictures of your projects, CNC and traditional woodworking are often wonderfully complementary.

Welcome, Harold! “Another First” approach… I love it.

Welcome to the club. Have fun.