New User Mistakes

New to the CNC world.

I successfully cut out cam clamps and ‘L’ alignment tools using files from MeyersWoodshop out of 3/4" MDF

I found a file for simple hold downs and decided to try making them out of red oak. Error #1

Using the settings the bit was being pulled out of the collet when making the profile pass. I discovered why having the off button for the controller close at hand was a good thing. The router was a couple seconds later as it was on a power strip.

Reading comments about the file I had downloaded I noted it had been written for cutting plastic not hardwood.

I reduced the depth per pass and lowered the feed rate and it happened again - this time because of user error - I had not cleared the feed rate box but rather added to the existing speed setting - result was I had a feed rate of 3050 ipm instead of 30 ipm- exciting.

Lesson - double check the settings before creating the Gcode.

Found the off button faster this time.

I modified the file again (by this time I am at version ‘h’ and tried again. The bit pulled out again but I stopped it as soon as I seen the depth changing. I’m getting good at hitting the stop buttons.

I was reading about collets and realized I was using the collet that came with the Carbide3d router. I had seen the precision collets that came with the unit but thought they were a backup set. After looking more closely at the precision collet (four kerfs instead of 3) I switched out the collet.

I am taking .0625 per pass at a feed rate of 30 ipm.

This time I zeroed the starting point with the touch probe then removed the bit and ran the job without the router running. It looked good. I am ready to test again.

A final question. I noticed there is no tool path created for drilling the 1/4" hole but it does it anyway. I gather from this Carbide Motion takes care of this without making a separate tool path.

Shapeoko CLAMPS quarter inch-h.c2d (222.3 KB)

There is a toolpath for the hole, it’s just too small to be seen.

Weird, the “default” collet should work (unless it’s actually a 6mm collet? not fit for a 6.35mm endmill?)

The hole is there in the toolpath, it just does not show up as selected in the toolpath preview, but if you open it you can see it’s selected:

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Based on Julien’s response of “Wierd” and it “should work” I started reading about working with wood. I gathered because wood, being a natural product, has varying densities and grain directions only by trial and error will you find what works.

After three days I did get a successful hold down made. I took frequent breaks when the frustration level started to rise and worked in my traditional woodworking shop on other proejcts. I didn’t break anything although I did manage to dig a few holes in the spoilboard (that’s why it is there). When I showed a picture of my efforts to a friend who has 30 years CNC experience in the aircraft industry he referred to it as “Creative Programming Skills”

I used the Precision collet, increased router speed to 18,000 and with a Depth per Pass set to .063" with a Feed Rate of 30 ipm

In the process I have gotten a bit more comfortable with using CarbideCreate. Much more than if it would have worked the first time.

A perk in disguise ??



Good to hear !
Just in case this might help you on your CNC adventure, I’ll leave this here:

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I had saved the pdf of the A to Z guide you linked to within a week of receiving my Shapeoko XL. An excellent guide which I am sure to come to appreciate more as I climb through the mountains and valleys of this machine and its software.



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