New user - Question about Bitsetter Corner and two sides of board

Hi all - new to CNC work, enjoying it immensely… but have a question I can’t find a direct answer to. Using Shapeoko 4, Carbide Create. We have a project that we use two files for - one cuts from the bottom side - holes, fastener pocket & logo, the 2nd cuts from the top side, an inset & the outline to separate the pieces. We use a square, tape, and glue to hold the 3 boards in place for the cutting. We set the corner, lower left, using the BitSetter. The question is - do we need to reset the corner after we load the 2nd file, before beginning to cut it? We are confident that we are putting the 3 boards back in the same position as they were when we cut the first run…

Another way of phrasing - when does the Shapeoko ‘forget’ or ‘lose’ the origin setting?

The zero positions are persistent even after power cycles. I use an L bracket to set things up square on the spoilboard. Now if you are going to cut through the L bracket you can get your piece set and remove it. Just remember to replace it before removing the project if you still have a corner to register it on. The L bracket when placed on the spoilboard has some wiggle room so I use the router with a straight bit to jog it to square the L bracket and then tighten it down and then check it again.

Here is a link for google drive to get my pdf on how to design and cut an L bracket. So whatever type of spoilboard you have you can adapt the spacing to suit your situation.


Thank you so much! It will save a bit of time not having to re-zero when I load the 2nd program!

The accuracy of the previous zeros after initialization depends on the accuracy of the homing switches. The accuracy is pretty good but after powering on and initializing always use the Jog to go to rapid positions and double check the X Y and Z+6mm. Make a 6MM spacer to place under the bit.

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Thank you! Did some tests today - Set up 2 programs, both with the same tiny circle in a waste area of the board. We found that the corner settings, and z saved when loading subsequent programs, and after the machine was initialized too. So - conclusion?
New work flow:
Set corner, run program 1
load program 2, and run
Came out perfect!
Thanks again for your help!