New User Question - Max Material Thickness?

What is the maximum material thickness that can be used?

This depends:

  • which machine? The XXL Pro has over 4" underneath the carriage
  • where are you clamping the stock? On the bed, or at the front of the machine in the overhang cutting area?
  • what tooling do you need to use? How long is it?
  • what is the geometry of the cut?

That is a what if question. The max is what will fit under your gantry plus a little bit less so a bit can glide over it without crashing into your work. On SO 3 some people removed part of the base board to have a hole underneath for tall peojects. That took a lot of planning and work. The hybrid tables can work that way if the material fits through one of the mdf slats. I would not recommend that except as temporary.

I just ordered the XXL Pro and haven’t even received yet. So haven’t got into those weeds and will be learning. Is it safe to say it would be possible to engrave 3-3.5 inch of stock?

I’m thinking about the possibilities of layering. Creating a master 3D model (let’s say 9 inches in height) then cutting separate individual pieces to piece the master model together.

Yes, a shallow cut on a quite thick piece of stock is perfectly doable.

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